Pointing Trowel – 178mm


  • Ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas
  • High-quality carbon steel with a straight welded shank
  • Narrow, triangular-shaped blade with a pointed end
  • Ergonomic leather handle grip

Our Pointing Trowel – 178mm is ideal for filling and shaping gaps or joints between bricks, stones, or tiles.

The pointing trowel has a narrow, triangular-shaped blade with a pointed end, allowing you to access tight spaces and create clean, well-defined joints. The trowel is manufactured from high-quality carbon steel.

Regal and Barnes Specialist Edition tools come with a luxurious leather non-slip handle grip. The leather finish creates a soft and comfortable experience, reducing friction between the hand and tool, which can lead to discomfort when plastering for long durations. Our Specialist Edition tools range is our premium option, comprising the highest quality leather finish designed to provide our clients with highly durable, long-lasting tools.

  • Narrow, triangular-shaped blade with a pointed end
  • Keep your trowel clean and dry when not in use
  • Store away in a dry place, away from harsh weather


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